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I do the research for you, working on your behalf with hundreds of lenders to secure the best rates and terms for your individual needs.

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I treat each mortgage application as if it was my own, making the mortgage process as easy and informative as possible - you're always supported through the entire process and beyond.

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My experience in Saskatoon provides you with expert advice and guidance on mortgage products, interest rates and current housing market conditions.

Pro Negotiating

Different financial institutions and lenders offer a wide range of mortgage rates, terms, and conditions. I work to find the mortgage that best suits your financial needs.


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I'm here to help with your mortgage needs, refinancing, new home purchases, or mortgage renewals, I bring years of experience and the lowest wholesale mortgage rates to save you money.

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As a Mortgage Group Professional, I offer one-stop convenience and impartial advice. Different financial Institutions and Lenders offer a wide range of mortgage rates, terms, and conditions. By shopping wisely, I can find the mortgage that best suits your financial needs.

As your Mortgage Group Professional I will help you understand how different rates, terms and conditions can affect the lifetime cost of your home, your monthly payments and financial flexibility . By presenting your requirements to a variety of Canada's major Lenders, your mortgage can be secured at lower than advertised rates, usually within hours and most often free of charge. Amber Rambally

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Meet Amber Rambally

I was born and raised in Saskatoon but have had the incredible opportunities of going to school at Sorbonne University in Paris, France and attending Vernon Regional College on a Fastball scholarship in Vernon, Texas. I am married and the very proud mother of 2 children and am very proud to call Saskatoon home. I have backgrounds in Finance and Customer Service and believe this is an integral part of my role as a Mortgage Associate.

As your Mortgage Group professional, I offer one-stop convenience and impartial advice. Different financial institutions and lenders offer a wide range of mortgage rates, terms, and conditions. My job is to help you understand how that can affect the lifetime cost of your home, your monthly payments and financial flexibility.

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Dealing with Amber was a great experience, walking us through every step of the process and making us comfortable.
Tim, Saskatoon, SK
We had a very tight timeline to deal with and Amber did a great job of getting everything done for us!
Alan, Saskatoon, SK
We really enjoyed working with you and will recommend you to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.
Christine, Saskatoon, SK
When we first met with Amber we found out we had some credit issues and weren't able to buy a home at that point. She told us exactly what we needed to do to get a mortgage and 8 months later we were settled in to our first home. Without her guidance we would still be wasting our money on rent. Thank you! - Another Satisfied Client
Another satisfied client
After meeting with the bank we were 'pre-approved' for a mortgage... but when we went back two weeks later, they told us that they we could no longer get approved without having a larger down payment. Our realtor suggested talking to Amber, and within two days she had us approved at a better rate. We will recommend Amber to everyone!
A&P, Saskatoon, SK

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Getting The Right Mortgage Matters!

A fixed mortgage offers you the security of locking in your interest rate for the term of your mortgage, so you know exactly how much principal and interest you will be paying on the mortgage during the term. Terms range from 6 months to 10 years. Fixed rate mortgages offer some form of pre-payment, from 10% to 25% of the original mortgage balance each year, depending on the lender. If you wish to pay off your mortgage in full, there will be a penalty of either 3 months simple interest, or an Interest Rate Differential (IRD). The benefit of this mortgage is the rate is lower than an open mortgage, making it a more popular option if you have no plans to pre-pay it in full during the term you select.
An open mortgage allows you the flexibility to pay off some or the entire mortgage at any time, without penalty. Interest rates are usually higher and are tied to the Bank's Prime Rate.
A variable-rate mortgage allows you to take advantage of today's low Prime Rate. Most variable rate products are set below prime, terms range from 1 to 5 years. The terms range from 3 to 6 years. Payments vary depending on the product or lender you choose. In some cases you can fix your payments for up to 5 years, but the interest rate will fluctuate as the Bank Prime Rate changes. In other cases your monthly payments will fluctuate depending on how many times the Prime Rate changes during your term.
A secured line-of-credit allows you to access the equity in your home whenever you choose. Rates are tied to prime, usually slightly above prime. Required payment on the balance is interest only, making it a good choice where cash flow may be important. Lower interest rates compared to an unsecured line of credit. You may have a secured line of credit and a mortgage, if you have good equity in your home.

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